Let’s look at user research that can be done before designing interfaces and products.

Before starting a project it is necessary to know the end user, its habits, experience in using the computer and software, the conditions under which the product will be used, etc. parameters that are relevant to the successful use of the product.

Queastionnaire points:

Context Usage:
User Goals;
System environment – additional aids, physical factor, social factor.

User Features:
Knowledge and experience;
Cultural differences and language;
Height characteristics;
Visualization properties;
Gender, etc.

It is possible to find out these parameters in direct end-user interviews, as well as by sending anecdotes with precisely prepared questions

Questionnaires may include:

Expressing the image;
Product evaluation;
Functional issues;
Questions about who is preferred;
Facilitation offers;
There may be issues in comparative form, such as comparing designs and design solutions.
** Questions that may provide biased information should be avoided, as conclusions can be misconceived when analyzing results.